Agawa & Passenger Train Combo

Agawa Canyon Tour Train & Algoma Wilderness Passenger Train
Combo from Sault Ste Marie
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Agawa Canyon Tour TrainAgawa Canyon Tour Train and the Algoma Passenger Train are both operated by the same railway company on the same tracks. The Agawa Canyon Tour Train just goes from Sault Ste Marie, up to Agawa Canyon, stops for a couple of hours and returns to Sault Ste Marie; all in one day. The Agawa Canyon Tour train operates everyday from mid June through mid October.

Algoma Central Railway Passenger TrainAlgoma Central Railway Passenger TrainTrainThe Algoma Passenger Train starts in Sault Ste Marie, goes up through Agawa Canyon, stops briefly in at the Hawk junction mid way station and continues on to Hearst all in one day with numerous stops along the way for people to get on and off the train at resorts, cottages, rivers and any other place people want to for canoeing, kayaking and other adventures. The next day they go back. The passenger train service is year round.

Agawa Canada Train Map AlgomaA number of years ago the Algoma Central Railway created a combined train ticket for both trains called the Agawa Canyon Combo ticket. This allows you to combine a 2 hour Agawa Canyon experience with travel, vacations and adventures further up the rail line. The Agawa Canyon Combo experience is available Mid June through mid October and departs Sault Ste Marie northbound on Mondays, Thursday, Saturdays and returns southbound back to Sault Ste Marie on Tuesday, Friday’s, Sundays.

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